Developing and leasing airport property

AirportAirport sponsors have many issues to consider when developing an aeronautical lease for airport property.  Following are some resources and tips that will assist in the process:

  • The Transportations Research Board’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) issued a report in 2011 that covers the topic of developing and leasing airport property. ACRP Report 47 offers extensive information on developing airport leases.  Chapter 6 of the report offers a Summary of Best Practices.  Additionally, the Collin County and Monroe County case studies in the report deal with land leases at general aviation airports.  The link to Report 47 is:   http://www.trb.org/main/Blurbs/164688.aspx

  • An ACRP webinar was offered in November, 2011 that covered ACRP 47 and the issue of Developing and Leasing Airport Property.  The presentation was archived on the ACRP website at: http://www.trb.org/Main/Blurbs/166091.aspx

  • For potential leases involving new construction, airport sponsors need to remember to do an airspace evaluation prior to beginning any construction by filing form 7460 which can be located at the following link:  https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/portal.jsp.  The airport layout plan will also need to be updated to show any new structures.  

  • AirportFor federally funded airports, it is very important to involve the Federal Aviation Administration’s Central Region Airports Division in Kansas City prior to finalizing a lease.  The Airport Division can help airports ensure they will maintain grant assurances and protect future use of an airport. To arrange for a review of the lease, contact Iowa’s FAA Airport planner at 816-239-2639, or the Central Region Airports Division Compliance Specialist at 816-329-2642.

  • The FAA does not provide a template for an aeronautical lease; however, an Internet search of “land leases at airports” will generally provide several lease examples. 

Feel free to contact the Iowa DOT Office of Aviation if you have additional questions regarding leases of airport property. 


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