These files have been moved from CADD to Excel. In the Excel program the 200 series notes are included in the selection list with the 'C' Sheet 100 series.

Standard Notations
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  All 200s Excel Icon
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230 Roadside Development Excel Icon
Excel Icon
231-01 Planting   PDF Icon  
231-02 Herbicide   PDF Icon  
232-3A Erosion Control (Rural Seeding)   PDF Icon  
232-3B Erosion Control (Urban Seeding)   PDF Icon  
232-3C Erosion Control (Native Grass Seeding)   PDF Icon  
232-7 Erosion Control (Salvage and Removal Projects)   PDF Icon  
232-10 Emerald Ash Borer   PDF Icon  
232-11 Erosion Control (Stabilizing Crop Seeding)   PDF Icon  
250 Roadway Traffic Excel Icon
Excel Icon
Excel Icon
Excel Icon
252-1 Temporary Crossings and Detours   PDF icon  
253-1 Median Crossover   PDF icon  
254-1 Incident Management   PDF icon  
259-1 Signing Notes   PDF icon  
260 Utilities, Railroads, Access Control Excel Icon  
262-3 Road Weather Information System    PDF Icon  
262-4 Automatic Traffic Recorder   PDF Icon  
262-5 Utilities (Point 25 Project)   PDF Icon  
262-6 Utilities (Not a Point 25 Project)   PDF Icon  
270 Demolition Excel Icon    
271-1 Demolition (Estimated Backfill)   PDF icon  
271-2 Demolition (Tree Removal)   PDF icon  
271-4 Demolition (Buildings)   PDF icon  
271-9 Demolition (Bridge Removal)   PDF icon  
280 Environmental Excel Icon
Excel Icon
281-1 Section 404 Permit and Conditions   PDF icon  
281-2 Individual Storm Water Permit   PDF icon  
281-3 Storm Water Best Management Practices   PDF icon  
281-6 Topeka Shiner Watersheds   PDF icon  
282-1 Restricted Stream Access   PDF icon  
282-2 Dredging   PDF icon  
282-3 Temporary Stream Crossing, Causeway, or Equipment Pad   PDF icon  
290 Miscellaneous Excel Icon    
290-1 Sidewalk Constraints   PDF icon  
290-2 Small Quantity Concrete Testing   PDF icon