2012 State Transportation Plan

Planning Ahead 2040 final document (adopted May 8, 2012)
Planning Ahead Planning Ahead 2040 summary
On May 8, 2012, the Iowa Transportation Commission (Commission) adopted the State Transportation Plan: Iowa in Motion – Planning Ahead 2040 (Plan). The Plan built on the success of the previous long-range plan developed by the Iowa Department of Transportation and provided direction for each mode (aviation, bicycle and pedestrian, highway, public transit, rail and waterways).

The Plan projected the demand for transportation infrastructure and services out to the year 2040 while taking into consideration the social and economic changes that are expected to occur during this time period. Iowa's economy, its quality of life, and its ability to meet the challenges of the future will continue to require a transportation system with these transitions in mind.

Key components of the plan include:
  • Trends: An analysis of population, economic, passenger, and freight trends, and what these trends mean for Iowa's transportation system.
  • System condition: An overview of each mode within the transportation system.
  • Guiding principle and goals: A description of the goals – safety, efficiency and quality of life – that will guide future investment.
  • Investment actions: A collection of investments needed to accomplish these goals.
  • Costs and revenues: An analysis of annual costs and revenues for each transportation mode.
  • Implementation strategies: A discussion related to addressing the funding shortfall, programming future investments, and continuous performance monitoring.
The Plan has provided a guide to the Commission as they have made investment decisions for all modes. In addition, the Plan has been a resource for Iowa's local governments and regional and metropolitan planning agencies as they have looked to invest in the transportation system.

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