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The new Iowa Mobile ID


Verification of personal identification or verification of age is a major part of doing business today. From financial dealings, to point-of-sale transactions, to customer information security, businesses of all sizes rely more than ever before on proof of identity and secure credentialing. Iowa Mobile ID gives organizations another secure and convenient way to validate identity, with features benefiting both users and businesses.

My business is interested in accepting mobile ID

We understand the importance of properly accepting an ID for age or identity verification purposes and we want to help you be successful with this new technology. Please tell us a little about yourself and your business and we will connect you with more information on how to prepare for successfully accepting Iowa’s mobile ID.


convenience ID check is quick, easy, and contactless. Customers can verify their identity and pay for purchases from the same device with more control over what information they provide you.


security A trusted, government-issued digital identity that includes additional security and encryption features to help protect against fraud. Iowa’s Mobile ID works to combat fraud and prevent counterfeit, cloned, and forged IDs.


privacy Enables businesses the ability to verify identity from a highly trusted partner through integration with the State of Iowa’s system of record.

Frequently asked questions

How do customers get an Iowa Mobile ID?

Mobile ID will soon be available to all Iowans. Getting the Mobile ID will be as simple as downloading a new app.

  1. Download the Mobile ID app
    download the app
    Go to your mobile device, app store and search Iowa Mobile ID and download the app. Please note the app is only available on Apple and Android devices.

  2. Scan your physical ID
    activate the app
    Scan your physical license or ID to activate the app. Activation won't be complete until we verify your identity.


  3. Take a selfie
    verify identity Take a selfie so that we can verify your identity. We will confirm your identity by verifying the scanned license or ID and matching your selfie to the image we have on record using facial recognition technology. If everything matches, the Mobile ID will be activated and you will be able to use it.


Once active, you’ll protect your personal information by setting a PIN or by using facial imaging to control access to the app.

How can we verify that it’s actually the customer who downloaded the app?

The Mobile ID system will verify it is the individual – and only that person – because our system will read embedded security details in the individual’s physical license or ID. We’ll ensure the individual’s personal information matches our records and use facial recognition technology to make sure their selfie matches the picture in our records.

Where can Mobile ID holders use it?

Because the technology is new, it will take some time for business or entities such as yourself to understand how to recognize and accept mobile ID. While the technology will be new for every one we will work closely with you to provide you with information and tools to help make the transition to acceptance of mobile IDs successful.

Learn more about accepting an Iowa Mobile ID.

Can it be used with law enforcement?

Because most people use their driver’s license to verify identity and personal information, we are focusing first on working with entities who would use the mobile ID for those purposes. At this time, we cannot guarantee that all law enforcement agencies will accept Mobile ID immediately. Therefore, mobile ID users should still carry their traditional ID or driver’s license as law enforcement agencies enhance their processes for accepting Mobile ID.

How will everyone know it’s safe and secure?

Privacy is imperative for any identity app. That’s what makes the mobile ID a complete game-changer. We’re taking exhaustive steps to make sure users’ security and privacy are well protected, and to ensure businesses can have confidence in users’ identity information. The State of Iowa is following international mobile identity standards, and UL, a worldwide leader in mobile payment and identity security, is independently testing the security of our mobile app.

In many ways, using Mobile ID will be more secure than printed licenses or IDs. Secure device-to-device technology will let users control what information they share, without handing over their mobile device. That means they only present what’s necessary when sharing identification, age or other personal information. It also means business can have complete confidence in the information provided.

How can we accept the Mobile ID?

There are a few options for accepting mobile ID. We suggest that you connect with us to find out what options may work best for the way you do business.

Learn more about accepting an Iowa Mobile ID.

How do users update personal information?

Users update their personal information the same way they do today, which may require a visit to a driver’s service center. Get more information about updating personal information.

However, once changes are made to a license or ID record, those updates are pushed out electronically to the user’s mobile ID app. No visits to the DOT are needed to ensure your Iowa Mobile ID matches your current personal information.

Is the Iowa Mobile ID accessible (elderly, disabled, low income, etc.)? What if an individual does not have a access to a phone?

The Iowa Mobile ID is available to everyone with a mobile or smartphone device. For individuals without access to a mobile device, we will still provide traditional forms of identification.

Can an individual use Iowa Mobile ID in other states outside of Iowa? What about flying outside of the country?

This is evolving technology, and other states are already adopting it. As more states develop their own Mobile IDs, it will become more common, and we intend to work with those states and our technology provider to promote this as widely as possible. We plan to generate enough awareness – and more users will help – that businesses and others who need to verify identification quickly come up to speed on the Mobile ID’s benefits and how it is verified, domestically and worldwide.

Is this the only way a business will be able to check IDs? Is Iowa “phasing out” the old forms of identification?

The goal of this rollout is to educate and highlight the benefits of having a Mobile ID on a smartphone or mobile device. This will be done in phases to ensure flexibility and expanded access to new technology; however, the Iowa DOT will still provide both physical and mobile ID/driver’s license options for the foreseeable future. The goal is not to replace physical driver’s licenses, but to encourage adoption of this ground-breaking technology for everyone’s benefit.


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