Once Phase 1 is available, there will be some double entry required until Phase 2 is complete. Beginning in July, we will meet monthly with bureau representatives to assess the system performance and identify areas to reduce duplication.

The table below shows a preliminary view of where tasks will take place while both systems are still available.

    masterworks only PSS only Dual entry required
Project Creation     x
Programming x    
  monitor list x    
  highway candidates x    
  Actual start and completion dates     x
  production schedule report x    
  incomplete events reports x    
  Segment Manager     x
  Assigned to - Project # assignment     x
  RCE     x
  other assignment x    
Estimating x    
Specifications x    
Bid items   x    
Contracts office items and letting file x    
Proposal Section x    
  estimator assignments x    
  Production Rates x    
  turn in checklist x    
  reload letting x    
Districts   x    
  tied projects x    
Contractor Pay/Financials   x  
  railroad x    
  Agreements x    
  Capacity Funding Agreement x    
  Public Interest Finding x    
  Section 408 Prelim Bridge x    
  all others (LEB, ROW, utilities)     x
  Target Review Report x    
Other Office Info (excluding headers defined above)      
  Program Management x    
  Location & Enviromnment   x  
  Design x    
  Bridges & Structures x    
  ROW   x  
  Traffic Operations x    
  Traffic and Safety x    
  Utilities   x  
  Specifications x    
  Rail Transportation x    
  Agreements x    
  Contracts x    
  DS Controllers x    
  Proposals x    
  Materials x    
  Districts x    
  Construction x   x
  Maintenance   x  
  Trans Data x    
  Systems Planning x    
Project Close-Out     x
Non-Highway Projects (no letting or program)   x  
  Scoping tool from PSS x    
  ExeVision from PSS x    
  Contractor Pay all   x  
  Workday all   x  
  Office of Contracts from PSS x    
  Office of Contracts to PSS     x
  RAMS from PSS x    
  RAMS to PSS      
  SIIMS x    
  BRIS   x  
  Bridge 2000- not integrated w/PSS x    
  PSS to TPMS x    
  TPMS to PSS     x
  FMIS x    
  ER     x
  ProjectWise x    


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