Developmental Specifications 2009

Following is a list of Iowa DOT Developmental Specifications (DS) for 2009. Please note that most of the DSs require the approval of a "Controller" in order to be used on a project. Other Iowa DOT documents and publications may be accessed in the Electronic Reference Library.

Category DS Number Title Date Status Controller Phone
Surface Courses DS-09001 Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures - Job Mix Formula Approval by Test Strip Method 10/20/09 New Scott Schram 515-239-1604
Structures DS-09002 Colored Sealer Coating for Structural Concrete 10/20/09 New Kimball Olson 515-233-7722
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09004 Airport Safety Requirements 10/20/09 New Mike Marr 515-239-1468
Surface Courses DS-09005 Transverse Joint Leveling for HMA Pavements 10/20/09 New None
Structures DS-09007 Precast Noise Wall 10/20/09 New Dan Ohman 515-239-1823
General Requirements and Covenants DS-09009 Added Options Bidding 10/20/09 New Roger Bierbaum 515-239-1414
General Requirements and Covenants DS-09010 Best Value Alternative (A - D) Bidding 10/20/09 New Roger Bierbaum 515-239-1414
Structures DS-09011 Improved Durability Concrete for Bridge Decks 10/20/09 New Shane Tymkowicz 712-239-4713
General Requirements and Covenants DS-09013 Construction Progress Schedule 10/20/09 New John Smythe 515-239-1503
Surface Courses DS-09015 Reduction of HMA QC/QA Criteria for Local Agencies 10/20/09 New Donna Buchwald 515-239-1051
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09016 Construction Work on Railroad Right of Way with A + B for Bidding Railroad Flaggers (Union Pacific) 10/20/09 New Steve Banks 515-239-1088
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09017 Maintenance Work on Railroad Right of Way (Union Pacific) 10/20/09 New Steve Banks 515-239-1088
Earthwork, Subgrades, and Subbase DS-09018 Global Position System Machine Control Grading 10/20/09 New Kent Nicholson 515-239-1586
Structures DS-09021 Sliplining Existing Pipe Culverts 10/20/09 New Dave Claman 515-239-1487
Structures DS-09024 Backfilling and Compation of Culverts by Flooding 10/20/09 New Tom Reis 515-239-1566
General Requirements and Covenants DS-09026 Monthly Employment Reporting (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) 10/20/09 New None
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09030 Traffic Signalization (SUDAS) 10/20/09 New None
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09031 Contractor Stockpiled Shoulder Material 11/17/09 New None
Structures DS-09037 Fabric Formed Concrete Structure Revetment 2/16/10 Replaces DS-09028 Dave Claman 515-239-1487
Structures DS-09039 Bridge Deck Over-Depth Repair and Overlay 3/16/10 Replaces DS-09023 None
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09045 Temporary Lane Separator System 7/20/10 Replaces DS-09042 Mark Bortle 515-239-1587
Surface Courses DS-09046 Dowel Bar Retrofit 8/17/10 New Kevin Merryman 515-239-1848
Structures DS-09047 Mass Concrete - Control of Heat of Hydration 8/17/10 New Wayne Sunday 515-239-1185
Structures DS-09048 Structural Concrete (4500 psi (31 MPa) or Greater) 8/17/10 New Ahmad Abu-Hawash 515-239-1393
Earthwork, Subgrades, and Subbase DS-09050 Compaction with Moisture Control 10/19/10 Replaces DS-09003 Melissa Serio 515-239-1280
Earthwork, Subgrades, and Subbase DS-09051 Moisture and Density Testing for Special Compaction of Subgrade 10/19/10 New Melissa Serio 515-239-1280
Structures DS-09052 Fiber Reinforced Polymer Repair for Concrete Containment of Collision Damaged Pretensioned Prestressed Concrete Beams 11/16/10 Replaces DS-09008 None
General Requirements and Covenants DS-09055 Monthly Employment Reporting (I-JOBS) 12/21/10 Replaces DS-09054 None
Earthwork, Subgrade, and Subbases DS-09056 Compaction with Moisture and Density Control 1/19/11 New Melissa Serio 515-239-1280
Surface Courses DS-09057 Warm Mix Asphalt 12/21/10 Replaces DS-09041 Scott Schram 515-239-1604
Surface Courses DS-09058 PCC Paving 3-D Machine Control 1/19/11 New Kevin Merryman 515-239-1848
Surface Courses DS-09059 Recycled Asphalt Shingles (RAS) 12/21/10 Replaces DS-09038 Scott Schram 515-239-1604
General Requirements & Covenants DS-09062 Small Business Development Contracts 4/19/11 Replaces DS-09053 Roger Bierbaum 515-239-1414
Surface Courses DS-09063 PCC Pavement Non-Destructive Thickness Determination 5/17/11 Replaces DS-09043 Kevin Jones 515-239-1237
Erosion Control DS-09064 Floating Silt Curtain 11/15/11 Replaces DS-09060 None  
General Requirements & Covenants DS-09065 Lane Rental (A + B Bidding with Incentive/Disincentive) 2/21/2012 New Roger Bierbaum 515-239-1414
Surface Courses DS-09066 Partial Depth PCC Finish Patches 4/17/2012 New Kevin Merryman 515-239-1848
Surface Courses DS-09067 Alternate Acceptance of HMA for Local Systems Projects 4/17/2012 New None  
Surface Courses DS-09068 Precast Reinforced Concrete Three-Sided Culvert 6/19/2012 New Dave Claman 515-239-1487
Miscellaneous Construction DS-09069    Portable Temporary Traffic Signals for Flagger Stations 6/19/2012 Replaces DS-09006 Dan Sprengeler 515-239-1823
Structures DS-09070    High Performance Concrete for Structures 7/17/2012 Replaces DS-09012 and 09033 Wayne Sunday 515-239-1185
Surface Courses DS-09071    Quality Management Concrete (QM-C) 7/17/2012 Replaces DS-09020 Kevin Merryman 515-239-1848
Surface Courses DS-09072    Partial Depth Bridge Deck Patching          7/17/2012 Replaces DS-09061 Gary Novey                515-239-1233