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Public transit equipment and facilities management system (PTMS)

The Office of Public Transit prioritizes vehicle replacement and rehabilitation/remanufactured projects annually on a statewide basis based on age and mileage of existing vehicles compared to useful life standards for the specific type of equipment.

  • Accumulated mileage minus standard fleet mileage divided by 3,500 equals mileage score
  • Actual months owned minus fleet life months equals age score
  • Mileage score plus age score equals vehicle score

Vehicle criteria
Vehicle type Standard fleet mileage Life (months)
Sedans 100,000 48
Station wagon 100,000 48
Standard vans/Non-ADA minivans 100,000 48
Conversion and ADA minivans 100,000 48
LD buses 120,000 48
MD buses 200,000 84
HD buses less than 35 feet 300,000 120
HD buses 35 feet or more 350,000 144

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Useful Life Standard for Public Transit Infrastructure Grant-Funded Projects

Additional Policies

Counting Only Open-to-the-Public Services for STA Formula
The Office of Public Transit only uses statistics from open-to-the-public services to calculate state transit assistance allocations.

Delinquent Year-End reports
Monthly State Transit Assistance (STA) formula payments will be withheld and/or contracts not executed for any system delinquent in submitting required reports. After reports are current, STA payments are released.