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Public transit equipment and facilities management system (PTMS)

Public Transit prioritizes vehicle replacement and rehabilitation/remanufactured projects annually on a statewide basis based on age and mileage of existing vehicles compared to useful life standards for the specific type of equipment.


  • Accumulated mileage minus standard fleet mileage divided by 3,500 equals mileage score
  • Actual months owned minus fleet life months equals age score
  • Mileage score plus age score equals vehicle score

Vehicle criteria

Vehicle type Standard fleet mileage Life (months)
Sedans 100,000 4 yrs. (48 months)
Station wagon 100,000 4 yrs. (48 months)
Standard vans/Non-ADA minivans 100,000 4 yrs. (48 months)
Conversion and ADA minivans 100,000 4 yrs. (48 months)
LD buses 150,000 5 yrs. (60 months)
MD buses 200,000 7 yrs. (84 months)
HD buses less than 35 feet 350,000 10 yrs. (120 months)
HD buses 35 feet or more 500,000 12 yrs. (144 months)



Useful Life Standard for Public Transit Infrastructure Grant-Funded Projects

Additional Policies

Counting Only Open-to-the-Public Services for STA Formula
The Office of Public Transit only uses statistics from open-to-the-public services to calculate state transit assistance allocations.

Delinquent Year-End reports
Monthly State Transit Assistance (STA) formula payments will be withheld and/or contracts not executed for any system delinquent in submitting required reports. After reports are current, STA payments are released.


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