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The Rail Team in the Iowa DOT’s Modal Transportation Bureau advocates for a safe, secure, and efficient rail system that ensures Iowa’s economic competitiveness and development by maintaining the rail infrastructure and providing rail access and connectivity for people and goods in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Amanda Martin - Rail director

Phone: 515-239-1653
  • Manages activities of the Rail Bureau.
  • Liaison to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).
  • At-Large Member of Executive Committee for States for Passenger Rail Coalition, Inc. (SPRC)

David Phillips - track safety inspector

Phone: 515-290-1584

  • Inspects railroad track and infrastructure in the eastern portion of Iowa for compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration's. Track Safety Standards Compliance Manual.
  • Investigates railroad accidents under Federal Railroad Administration guidance.

Ed Engle - transportation engineer specialist

Phone: 515-239-1058

  • Responsible for technical and engineering aspects of passenger rail development
  • Provides engineering expertise and support for Planning, Programming and Modal offices

Grant Krienert - track safety inspector

Phone: 712-540-4973

  • Inspects railroad track and infrastructure in the western portion of Iowa for compliance with the Federal Railroad Administration's. Track Safety Standards Compliance Manual.
  • Investigates railroad accidents under Federal Railroad Administration guidance.

Kris Klop - Manager, Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Programs

Phone: 515-239-1108

  • Manages the Iowa Grade Crossing Surface Repair Program that provides financial assistance to railroads, cities and counties to rebuild pavement surfaces at grade crossings on secondary and city road systems.
  • Manages rail abandonments.
  • Manages the Federal Highway Administration Section 130 Program, which funds improvements to install new crossing signal devices, upgrade existing signals, and to provide low-cost improvements; such as increased sight distance, widened crossings, increased signal lens size, or crossing closures.

Lisa Husmann - program assistant

Phone: 515-233-7885

  • Assists in administration of the Federal-Aid Highway/Rail Crossing Safety Program.
  • Updates the Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Inventory and serves as liaison to the Iowa DOT's Transportation Data Bureau who maintains the Inventory.

Maria Hobbs - Freight and Passenger Policy Coordinator

Contact – Maria Hobbs
Phone: 515-239-1653

  • Monitors legislation and regulations affecting rail.
  • Recommends policy positions.
  • Maintains web site for Rail Transportation Bureau.
  • Coordinating development of the Rail Safety Action Plan.
  • Monitors and handles resolution of rail regulatory issues (blocked crossings, fencing, private/farm crossings, etc.) and investigates citizen complaints concerning rail operation

Nicole Staudt - program assistant

Phone: 515-239-1491

  • Manages payments for the Rail Transportation Bureau.
  • Assists the Iowa's grade crossing surface repair program manager.

Travis Tinken - grade crossing project manager

Phone: 515- 290-5055

  • Schedules, coordinates and supervises construction of highway-rail crossing pavement surfaces on the state Primary Road System.
  • Inspects highway-rail surface repair projects.
  • Inspects crossing safety improvement projects.

Vacant - Rail Development Manager

Interim contact - Ed Engle
Phone: 515-239-1058

  • Manages the Rail Revolving Loan and Grant Program, which provides assistance to businesses or railroads building or improving rail facilities.

Vacant - Railroad/Highway Project Manager

Interim contact - Maria Hobbs
Phone: 515-239-1088

  • Brokers the necessary agreements with railroads when a primary highway construction project involves the rail transportation system.

Contact information

Iowa Department of Transportation
Rail Transportation Bureau
800 Lincoln Way
Ames, IA 50010
Phone: 515-239-1140
Fax: 515-233-7983

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