Requests for Proposal

Responses to Iowa DOT Research RFPs are accepted until 12 pm CST according to the following schedule:

  • RFPs posted March 15 are due on or before May 1.
  • RFPs posted July 15 are due on or before September 1.
  • RFPs posted November 15 are due on or before January 15.

Proposal Restrictions

Research RFPs are posted as open requests for proposal with no restrictions. Should there be a need for restrictions, it will be noted in the Proposal Request section next to the title during the posting schedule.


Proposal guidelines have been developed to help researchers prepare a proposal that will be acceptable for review. Please note the differences between IHRB, SPR and TSIP proposals when applicable.

Sign up to receive email notification of future proposal request postings on our News and Subscriptions page. While every effort is made to provide email notification of postings, the posting of requests on this page is the official posting. Any notification provided by news and subscription services serves only as a reminder to check this page for official postings.