Title Date Status Replaced by
SS-15001 Asphalt Emulsions Containing Gilsonite 10/20/2015 New
SS-15002 Project Management 10/20/2015 New SS-15008
SS-15003 Backfilling and Compaction of Pipe and Reinforced Box Culverts by Flooding 10/20/2015 New GS-15004
SS-15004 Evaluation of Longitudinal Joint Quality for Flexible Paving Mixtures 10/20/2015 New
SS-15005 Flexible Pavement 4/19/2016 New GS-15003
SS-15006 Hot Mix Asphalt Interlayer 10/18/2016 Replaces DS-15024 SS-15009
SS-15007 Portland Cement Concrete Steps 2/21/2017 New
SS-15008 Project Management 12/19/2017 New
SS-15009 Hot Mix Asphalt Interlayer 1/17/2018 Replaces SS-15006 SS-15010
SS-15010 Hot Mix Asphalt Interlayer 08/18/2018 Replaced SS-15009