Pre-letting Resources


Manuals, Guides and Policies

Instructional Memorandums to Local Public Agencies (I.M.s) and the Federal-Aid Project Development Guide
These documents provide guidance and information for local public agency and consultant staff regarding a wide range of topics, including processes and procedures for local public agency federal-aid transportation projects.

Iowa County Engineering: A Resource Guide for County Engineers
This publication is designed for new county engineers and provides information about the county engineer's role and responsibilities as part of county government in Iowa. This document also serves as a convenient quick-reference guide for experienced county engineers.

Policy for Accommodating Utilities on the County and City Non-Primary Federal-Aid Road System
Policies and procedures for utility accommodation and relocation as part of a federally funded local public agency improvement project.

Right of Way Information Packet (LPA Manual)
This manual provides extensive guidance to local public agencies to help them comply with Federal and State requirements when acquiring property rights, including the Uniform Act. For additional assistance, please contact one of the Local Public Agency Coordinators in the Right of Way Bureau.


Standard Plans, Details and Specifications

Bid Item Spreadsheet - April 2021
With the impending migration of the Bid Item Application, this file may be used by LPAs to establish bid items for their projects.

County Bridge Standards
Standard bridge plans designed for use by local agencies.

Culvert Standards
Standard culvert designs for use by the Iowa DOT and local agencies.

Electronic Reference Library
The Iowa DOT Electronic Reference Library contains links to several items, including Standard Specifications, Supplemental Specifications, Materials I.M.s, Standard Road Plans, Standard Culvert Plans, Standard Bridge Plans, Construction Manual, Flaggers Handbook and SUDAS Standard Specifications.

Iowa DOT Design Manual
This manual contains information on road design for the primary highway system, and is published by the Methods Section in the Design Bureau.

Iowa DOT forms
The Concept Statement form (517001) can be found in a Word fillable format here: Concept Statement for Local Public Agency Federal-Aid Projects

The new public-facing Iowa DOT forms portal can be found here: In the new portal, there are folders where the forms can be found. Most of the forms that LPAs use can be found in the Civil Rights, Construction & Materials, or the Local Government portals. The forms are listed by their form number, as well as the title of the form. There is also a search feature in the upper right corner.

Some of the forms used during construction will be found on Construction and Materials webpage:

The Change Order form for Doc Express is here:

The Change Order form for projects not required to utilize Doc Express is here: Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS)
These design and specification manuals have been developed to provide a uniform set of design and specifications for use by any city or county government. These manuals are owned by the Iowa SUDAS Corporation, a non-profit organization composed of representatives from the Iowa DOT, cities, counties and design consultants. The manuals are maintained and published by the Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE).

Distribution Center Cash Sale Items Order Form/Instruction Sheet

Road Design Details
Standard details, notes and tabulations.

Standard Road Plans
Standard plans for highway and bridge projects.

Usage of Iowa DOT Standard Guardrail
A list of standard road plans that are acceptable for use under different traffic volumes and/or speed zones.


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and Targeted Small Business Information

Directory of Certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE)
A directory of DBE contractors, suppliers and consultants certified by the Iowa DOT. This publication is a helpful resource for determining a DBE goal or obtaining DBE participation in a federal-aid contract.

List of Certified Targeted Small Businesses
This State of Iowa list is helpful for locating targeted small businesses (TSB) consultant or contracting firms as part of the TSB requirements for state-assisted contracts.

Targeted Small Business (TSB) Contract Provision
This contract provision shall be included by the local public agency (LPA) in the bid and contract documents for all state-assisted, non-federal-aid contracts let by the LPA. These provisions are required by state law and the terms of the state-assisted funding agreement between a LPA and the Iowa DOT. This TSB contract provision also includes a copy of the Targeted Small Business (TSB) Pre-Bid Contact Information form, Form 730007, which shall be completed by the bidders on all state-assisted contracts let by the LPA.


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