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In 2007, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) completed a program review of the administration of federal-aid projects by local public agencies in Iowa. After the review, the FHWA issued a statement that included " ...special emphasis should be placed on construction inspection and documentation."

In an effort to expedite the oversight process, the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) has tools available for local agencies to utilize in order to provide consistent documentation among the agencies.

Although it is not mandatory to utilize all of the available inspection tools, such use will make the oversight process run more smoothly. However, failure to properly document the progress of these projects may result in loss of federal-aid funding for that project and may jeopardize the utilization of federal funds in future projects.

These pages found through the following links contain information that can help with the documentation and inspection of federal-aid projects.

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District Contact Information

Contact information for district construction and materials staff can be found on each individual
District Web page.

Post-Letting forms

Claim reimbursement form

A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for requesting reimbursement from the Iowa DOT on federal-aid or state-aid contracts administered by the districts.

Iowa DOT Forms

The new public-facing Iowa DOT forms portal can be found here: In the new portal, there are folders where the forms can be found. Most of the forms that LPAs use can be found in the Civil Rights, Construction & Materials, or the Local Government portals. The forms are listed by their form number, as well as the title of the form. There is also a search feature in the upper right corner.

Some of the forms used during construction will be found on Construction and Materials webpage:

The Change Order form for Doc Express is here: SUDAS: These design and specification manuals have been developed to provide a uniform set of design and specifications for use by any city or county government. These manuals are owned by the Iowa SUDAS Corporation, a non-profit organization composed of representatives from the Iowa DOT, cities, counties and design consultants.

Materials Audit Forms

These forms are used by a local agency's project inspector to document compliance with the Iowa DOT Standard Specifications of materials incorporated into a project using these specifications. To view or print these forms, go to the link above to Materials IM 101.


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